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New From Bee Software
NEW from Bee Software! Famous Names for your EL Electone 
Hi, I just thought that some of you may be interested to know that after a long break Bee Software has launched a brand new product in the Virtual Reality range of registration menu software for your EL Electone.

Famous Names -
For EL Models: EL-90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900
(Please Note: Not compatible with EL70 - if you own an EL70 and would like to purchase this let me know)

A galaxy of musical stars!

From Glen Miller to the Beach Boys - the greatest names in popular music have been brought together in one place for you to enjoy on your EL Electone.

There are 24 pairs of registrations making use of specially programmed User Voices and Rhythms to recreate the unmistakeable sound of each musical legend - inspired by one of their most popular tracks. With 'Famous Names' you can instantly start to sound like your favourite artists - just load the sounds and enjoy.

The software is presented in 'Menu ' disk format which displays the choice of registrations on the EL screen allowing instant access to 48 registrations at the touch of a button.

You can order either a boxed version from ebay or visit the beesoftware.com website to buy a 'download only' version for instant delivery via e-mail to make you own disks.

The boxed version is 19.50 + 1.95 P&P to UK 2.95 P&P to rest of the world.

The download version is US$21. Currently about GBP13. You can select your preferred currency at point of sale.

Full more details visit: http://www.beesoftware.com/  
John Beesley 
05/08/2009 14.18.21 

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