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Do you want to save the Electone? Do you want it to be sold also in your country?
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Signal events here…
116  41 Performance One - HX-1 Synthesizer
By: pitchbend
14/01/2008 20.53.35  
By: drepalla
05/01/2013 0.32.10
All on Electone Technology and your technical problems…
174  55 arpeggio
By: daviddmac
10/10/2011 3.03.31  
By: Peterja
02/05/2011 17.43.35
Exchange your materials…
128  30 Score wanted : Yoshihiro Andoh's I Wish
By: nevermyne
04/10/2008 9.07.12  
By: clhkdyx
14/03/2011 16.44.23
Second-hand Market
Buy or Sell second-hand items…
68  34 ELX-1 for sale!
By: r_martorell
22/05/2011 14.43.43  
By: Wingman
19/09/2008 8.01.24
All other
Talk about all other thing…
292  67 Electone shop - Sell OUTSIDE Japan
By: Giuseppe
15/06/2008 11.32.37  
By: Andri
14/02/2007 15.01.44
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