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Author Topic: " MDR-3 "
Post: 4
Posted 12/05/2006 4.18.19

How to replaced old floppy drive of MDR-3 with general 3.5" FDD ?  

Post: 55
Posted 12/05/2006 10.15.53

Unfortunately, the normal 3.5 FDD doesn't work with mdr files. 
Post: 4
Posted 17/05/2006 16.50.29

Thanks! I bought a used 3.5" floppy drive and try to replace my old FD.It works well and can read/write normal floppy disk.Floppy drive which can use to replace is TEAC FD-235HF 3291 U. 
Post: 1
Posted 26/10/2007 6.59.46

MDR-3 refuses to accept the floppy, no matter which one. Failure notice: "insert disk".

Any suggestions?  
Post: 2
Posted 19/03/2011 23.54.57

Hi ppornpoj,

Did you said that you can use a general 3.5" FDD to replace the MDR-3 ? May I know which Electone model you owned ?

Post: 1
Posted 02/05/2011 17.43.35

I own a Yamaha AR80, and have just replaced the M.D.R. with an emulator, which saves 100 floppies on one USB Memory Stick and it is brilliant. My organ is tidier, (now free of floppies) and loading the 'disks' is quicker. I am a member of the ar-group, and full instructions for making this change are featured there.
The Song Editor program available from this site only reads and saves back to drive "a:". How can this programme be altered to accommodate my new USB memory stick, please? I need it to read and save from drive "h:" instead. Very warmly, Peter Anderson 
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